What does a typical renter’s insurance policy cover? This varies, but the most common types of coverage are for: Your personal belongings; personal liability; additional living expenses in case you are removed from your home; improvements made to a rented property.

What is a typical term of a renter’s policy? Normally, policies are for one year at which point they must be renewed. In some cases, it is possible to get insured for a different term.

Do renter’s policies have deductibles? As with most insurance products, renter’s policies normally have a deductible though this varies from policy to policy. Please inquire about the different options if you are interested in having a 0 deductible policy.

What is additional living expense coverage? This type of coverage will kick in if you are unable to occupy your rented property due to some type of damage. It typically will pay for lodging, meals, and other standard daily expenses while you are removed from your home.

Does my credit score affect the rates I get on a renter’s policy? Yes, you will typically receive lower rates if you have a good credit score and higher rates for bad credit score.